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Both faith and science sometimes creates false idols

March 10, 2020
CETI - Oczy Martwych Miast

The title track begins the CETI - Oczy Martwych Miast album with a gallop of musical passages and harsh vocal part, exploding with a drive in instrumental bridges and complementing with progressive artistry and a keyboard symphony in the instrumental part. Starting with a mysterious solo bass guitar Machina Chaosu then, after a vocal cry, carries you on a journey along a mysterious path, wrapping vocal phrases with sparkling ribbons of musical variations.
Progressively and bewitching rhythm variations in the Poza Czasem introduction intrigue the sound of musical composition, the vocal part brings rebellious liberty, then these musical entities are woven together in the chorus. The bass guitars solo sets the mood, then intertwining in a dance with a sparkling guitar solo and taking off a whirlwind of rapid drive with the introduction of vocals, raising the banner of inspiration to the Linia Zycia chorus. The guitar solo of the instrumental part fascinates with incredible artistry in front of the final fragment.
Marching through a significant procession of the Cienie proud march, the vocal part raises the banners of the significance of the narrative, crowning the musical image with sparkling clouds of keyboard passages. The pulsating procession of the mid-tempo Falszywy Bog song crowns the guitar solo, inferior to the emotional vocal narrative, generally continuing the motives of the previous composition.
A whirlwind of musical drive is surrounded by sonorous significance vocal phrases, hardening their sound with a rebellious hash, emphasizing the name of the Kamienne Pieklo composition, charming by echoes of fairy tales. Braided by the mesmerizing sound of a guitar solo, Pietno brings shades of artistry and a vocal part, weaving from them the musical lace of an epic saga. Raising honor to the legends of the epic metal war, W Dolinie Swiatla finishes the album with a bewitching heroic saga, weaving in a mid-tempo composition a combination of grandeur, melody and a fascinating sound.