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Born to be wild

November 08, 2017
Totenlegion - Widerganger

Quickly and vigorously Winterfront begins the Totenlegion - Widerganger album, furiously and drivefully promoting to subsequent instrumental meditations. Vocals confession complements this thoughtful, concentrated atmosphere. But a furious drive, led by screaming on the verge of harsh vocals dominates the further musical image.
A furious drive crushes any resistance, striving to Palast Der Fetten Herrscher sound in the age-old way, without failing to use any of the advantages of its position, the fluid screaming vocals supplementd from time to time with deep growling phrases.
So fascinating acoustic Legion Der Toten introduction makes you think about your old dreams, remember the turmoil and unfulfilled promises. Further, these aspirations develop in a soft ballad, invoking a vocal confession to deep thoughts in the depths of the mind.
But these thoughts turns into a symphonic atmosphere of the mystical forest In der Dammerung, in which unthinkable werewolves turn into monstrous for human cognition forms. How unthinkable they are to us - so we are unknowable for all ofthem.
In the musical picture Blutrichter the vocal appears to be the main link, broadcasting its thoughts unshakable and irrefutable.
Mystically and mysteriously snarling phrases of an unknown spirit makes the Eiseskalte introduction that turns into the fantasmomatic drive that captivates us with an unforgettable and fascinating motive to our future wanderings.
Again, the vocals dominate the Kalte Asche musical image, at first the screaming echoes with the growling, then the screaming in the foreground, the growling complements it against from the background. Then they again echos each other.
Restrained, soft and unhurried introduction creates the main motive of the mysterious ballad Sinfonie Der Einsamkeit, enveloping the mind and consciousness with its instrumental motives.
Impressive and exciting instrumental motifs evolves into a unique and unforgettable composition Trummerfeld, surpassing everything heard in the album before. The unyielding drive extols the main motive over of its ambitions.
No, well, the northern wolves also have their own motorcycles - Der Stahlerne Tod music exclaims a wave of unrestrained drive, the vocals gets tougher than was before.
Nebelwaldcontinues this wave of unrestrained drive, after brief vocal meditations raising a wave of bright impulsive flow, slowing down only for vocal meditations.
Sourly crucifying the musical body, Unter Null somewhat despises the previous structure, revealing a somewhat new phenomenon in the completion of the album.