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Born innocent? Prove it!

August 21, 2020
For someone a prison inside the mind

The title track starts the Alcatrazz - Born Innocent album, immediately captivating with a guitar solo from the intro and continuing with mesmerizing vocal tunes that lift the banner of emotional inspiration. The pulsating drum part complements the sound of the verse with a whirlwind of energy, returning in the chorus to the guitar solo intro, artistically developing and complementing it in the instrumental part. Enchanting with incredibly artistic variations of guitar solos, the Polar Bear crowns vocal inspiration with covers of keyboard symphony in the chorus. Combining vocal part and melodic guitar variations in a single musical stream, the Finn McCool captivates the listener, accentuating the finals of the bars with vocal ascents.
The majestic symphony of the We Still Remember keyboard intro suite captivates the listener by bringing in further combinations of guitar passages, inspired vocal phrases and the grandeur of keyboard symphony. The harsh drive of the London 1666 musical stream twists together the guitar and keyboard parts, wrapping them in unity with the fierce melodies of the vocal part. Bringing the guitar part to the forefront of the musical image, the Dirty Like the City song weaves it with vocal phrases in an impressive combination of traditional rock with blues notes.
Intriguingly intriguing, the I Am the King track is then carried away by an incredibly hit tune topped with the charm of captivating vocals. Returning again to the style of the rhythmic march, the Something That I Am Missing crowns the guitar and vocal parts with the covers of a keyboard symphony. Raising the keyboard passages to the top of the musical image, the Paper Flags song brings a note of doubt and uncertainty to the vocal part, accelerating the musical tempo in hasty anxiety. Vocal tunes set the direction of the musical round dance of the The Wound Is Open introduction, then intertwining with the musical parts in the dance.
Once again, the Body Beautiful vocal phrases carry along their march the development of musical variations, indicating the direction of their rush. After an intriguing introduction, the Warth Lane enchants with the romantic melody of a sad ballad, raising the chalice of hope in the chorus. Wind instruments play an orchestral suite, bringing memories of past accomplishments, creating an appropriate backdrop of For Tony vocals memories of the last song of the album.