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Blood for blood to dance with the beast

May 06, 2024
Powerwolf - Missa Cantorem II

Opera chorales with symphonic backgrounds create the introduction of the Faster Than the Flame (feat. Tribune) composition, then marking its title with an inspired phrase and beginning the musical journey of the Powerwolf - Missa Cantorem II album, continuing with background chorales and the mesmerizing sound of the Beast of Gevaudan (feat. Roberto Dimitri Liapakis) twilight tale, weaving an artistic lace of musical coverings around emotional vocal phrases. Ritual chants and servant chorales create an inspired direction for the flight of the Dancing with the Dead (feat. Hannes Braun) spiritual anthem.
Echoes of forgotten fairy tales, tales of skalds and bards combine with warrior tales in the musical march of the Varcolac (feat. Jonne Jarvela) battle march. A sorrowful symphony with a sublime vocal narrative weave a majestic lace in of the Alive or Undead (feat. Nils Molin) enchanting ballad. Celtic folk tunes weave together in the enchanting round dance of the Blood for Blood (Faoladh) (feat. Melissa Bonny) dance, drawing the listener into the atmosphere of legends and sagas, enveloping all of us in this atmosphere completely.
The gloomy gothic atmosphere and brooding tales of a renegade blacksmith march rhythmically and assertively along the path of the Glaubenskraft (feat. Michelle Darkness) march, culminating in an inspired ascension into the mystical expanse of elves and fairies, rushing in a bright and unrestrained Call of the Wild (feat. Hansi Kursch) flight to the limits of imagination.
The unity of epic saga and battle dance of ringing swords are united in the Sermon of Swords (feat. Tommy Johansson) joint musical artwork, weaving together music and vocals in a joint musical stream, reaching the majestic valiant march of the Undress to Confess (feat. Matteo Vdiva Fabbiani) leisurely march, emphasizing the importance of the vocal part by bringing it to the forefront of the musical image, maintaining a similar style in the Reverent of Rats (feat. Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann) composition, closing the album with the unity of musical impatience and unrestrained vocals emotions.