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Blizzards and storms will scatter dusk and dust

March 25, 2021
Tusmorke - Nordisk Krim

Game and mysteriously starting the Ride the Whimbrel song then continues the musical narration of the Tusmorke - Nordisk Krim album with notes of thoughtfulness, then continuing fabulous playfulness into the sound of the Age of Iron Man composition.
The Mumia mystical essays of ancient legends create an atmosphere of mysterious thoughtfulness around trembling vocal phrases. But the Cauldron Bog returns us to the sparkle revival of Celtic folklore, combining the vocal festival with the pre-seasoned music passages, the Dog song gontinues the similar stale, begining with the muted chime solo acoustic guitar.
Vocal reflections surrounds the atmosphere of artistic keypads, marching together with them in the pulsating pace of the Moss Goddess slow-tempo march. The Black Incubation song is returning to the folk motifs of Celtic legends and enchants the sound, combining Viking Sagas with Celtic ballads.
Even more approaching the sound to the heads of the northern folklore motifs, the Et moselik changes the lyric component to the band's native language. The Heksejakt song continues such a style, complementing the musical essence of flute chants. Keeping a similar combination of northern folklore, the (The Marvellous and Murderous) Mysteries of Sacrifice completes the album with a return to the English lyrics.