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Blind will torture to kill on this altar

November 07, 2023
Gutslit - Carnal

The guitar solo of the intro weaves a bewitching lace of the main motive, which is then rolled out by the Son of Sam song, then pushing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, then accelerating in rapid impatience in anticipation of the guitar solo and artistic musical transformations, then introducing again and again new stylistic shades into the Gutslit - Carnal album's musical palette, completing the sound with an intriguing mystery that anticipates the rapid impatience of the musical pursuit of the Matriarch composition, combining music and vocals in a joint impatience and desire to learn more and more.
The pulsating musical dance is combined with the introduction of pig squeal vocals into the vocal part, weaving a unity of playfulness and twilight mystery in the sound of the Bind Torture Kill song. A short vocal story acts as the introduction of The Killing Joke twilight musical tale, adding an intriguing mystery to the development of the musical twilight on the eve of the introduction of the vocals story.
The vocal part jumps to the foreground of the Insidious musical image, varying stylistic shades in the vocal part, which acts as an introduction to the development of the twilight mystery of the unhurried march of the Body Snatcher composition, gradually accelerating the tempo of the vocals argument and combining the vocals features of different musical styles in a joint sound.
The majestic musical reflections of the introduction give an intriguing character to the anticipation of the further development of the Altar of Putridity song, which in the further sound moves the vocal part to the foreground of the musical image, marching solemnly along the chosen musical path until it rapidly accelerates in an unrestrained musical pursuit, weaving muses iku and vocals in a joint musical stream, pacifying the tempo in anticipation of the entry of the Primeval final composition of the album, which most variably and diversely combines its vocals and musical features and adding charm to the sound with mesmerizing guitar solos.