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Black plague denies any light

August 23, 2021
Witches Town, 2021 -  Black Pestilence

Tightly, confidently and unrestrained in a mid-tempo march with a vocal narrative of the doubt and emotions of clean vocals, the Let Me out of This Place composition progressively complicates the rhythm section and completes the musical fragments by charming guitar solo. The Scream in the Silence song continues the musical narration of the Witches Town - Black Pestilence album, even more sealing his sound and focusing on the rhythmic procession.
But the Died so Young composition rushes in a rapid vortex of an unrestrained drive, sometimes bringing a nekorous pace of the pace of melodious guitar solo from instrumental bridges. The Stranger to Myself track returns to leisurely sound, confidently and inspired by a vocal march, completing the sound with an acoustic guitar fingering solo, which sets the direction of development of the main motive of the Hold Me I'm Losing My Head composition, which creates a saddled romantic atmosphere around vocal emotionality.
The Black Pestilence title composition after the artistic charm of the guitar suspension of the entry slightly accelerates the musical pace and wures vocals reflections with bright guitar riffs. The Witches Town is severe and visco pumps the atmosphere of twilight, speaking by a harsh and significant procession under the banners of the dark anthem. The Whispering My Name bard ballad completes the album with a soft chime strings of an acoustic guitar