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Black mist intertwines with scarlet blood

March 17, 2019
 In Thoth - Of Blood & Black Fire

The muffled mystery of dusk Chapter 3 - Citrinitas begins the In Thoth - Of Blood & Black Fire album with mysterious echoes of ghostly entities. Hasty guitar passages set the whirlwind of the Awaken to Golden Flame main motive, then the vocals complement this musical lace with emotions. In the instrumental bridges and choruses, a charming melody appears.
Pumping a dense wave of rhythmic lace, the melody adds to the music of Amid the Grand Formation composition the shades of proud solemnity.
The pulsating march at an average pace develops the narration of Xanthosis magnificent legend, but in the bridge before the chorus it rushes in a whirlwind of impetuous passages to invisible inspiration, but returns to the average tempo, repeating this alternation again. The Alchemist seems to continue the previous composition, but the music becomes clearer and harder to pulsate, pulling the listener even closer to the dusk of eternal sacraments.
The hidden celebration ends with the ringing of the bell, Chapter 4 - Rubedo is starting the second part of the album. The fascinating whirlwind of melodious The Magus passages carries into an unclear abyss of unpredictable twilight.
The unhurriedly marching sound of the The Crowned King majestic ballad envelops you with pensive majesty, captivating with the enchanting charm of melodic lace.
The swirling whirlwind of musical passages envelops with bright sparks of charming melody, captivating and enchanting with Essence in Blood song's musical sound. Gnosis completes the album, continuing the style of the previous composition, complementing the melody of the accompaniment with emotional vocal phrases.