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Black is not the embodiment of darkness

November 24, 2018
Behemoth (POL) - I Loved You at Your Darkest

Children's voices, pleading Solve with the pensive symphony of the organ, begin the Behemoth (POL) - I Loved You at Your Darkest album, culminating in the development of the next song's Wolves Ov Siberia intro, sweeping up a whirlwind of epic musical waves and combining melody, drive and fabulous epic.
The romantic melody weaves the lace of the introduction of the God = Dog song, then the gloomy drive, crowned with this melody, takes the musical image to further development, weaving the vocal part with a web of musical ideas and complemented with the mystical chorals on the background. In the instrumental bridges and the guitar solo of the instrumental part, the romantic melody of the introduction returns, the vocal phrases in the chorus are echoed by children's exclamations. Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica , as if, continues the previous composition, joining the equally fascinating guitar salt, developing into the leitmotif of the composition. The vocal part does not reject a wonderful melody, on the contrary, it complements it with emotions and experiences. In the choruses, the main vocal phrases are complemented by background chanting ... not children's now.
The mysterious mystery of the romantic haze, starting the composition, is transformed into the pulsation of a rhythmic march, then alternates the revelations of the Bartzabel demon and the appeals of its adherents who try to summon him. Then the demon's thoughtful reflections alternate with the sublime choirs of the adepts, the demon's reflections anticipate the final part, weaving together a romantic melody and a solemn march in a single musical lace. If Crucifixion Was Not Enough continues the album, rejecting its limitations, twisting the axis of the main motive with sparkling threads of melodic guitar passages.
Exploding in a fierce symphony in introduction, Angelvs XIII is carried away by a swirling whirlwind, throwing away any obstacles from the chosen path. In the impetuous drive flash bright sparkles of melodic influences. In full, these shades are revealed in the choruses and the instrumental part.
The dominant part of the Sabbath Mater main motive is the motive that is somehow manifested in several compositions - which indicates the leitmotif of the album. Then the pulsating march alternates in the chorus of growling with clean vocals.
Acoustic breaks and distant winds bring in shades of oriental style, weaving a canvas of the Havohej Pantocrator impressions of long journeys, complementing it with bits of a military march and then returning again the image of a saga of long-distance wanderings and exciting adventures.
Echoes of disturbing memories envelop with a mystical, saddened haze, continuing Rom 5:8 with a militant drumbeat, rolling with canvas of epic dusk, as if the storyteller is broadcasting legends about ancient heroes, rising from nonexistence in echoes of background phrases. Then the composition explodes in a wave of fierce drive, calming down to the legends after the instrumental bridge.
The furious drive from the previous composition reincarnates to a different degree, dominating in the We Are the Next 1000 Years musical image, twisting around vocal reflections and weaving enveloped lace from mysterious trends of epic melody. In the instrumental part, a fascinating epic comes to the forefront of musical narration, heralding a fascinating instrumental ending.
The album closes with a solemn Roman march, developing into a magnificent instrumental saga Coagvla that you want to listen to again and again.