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Black cloud of the weird flames

August 31, 2021
Skarlett Riot, 2021 -  Invicta

In combination with a melodious dance of musical variations, the vocals part fascinates the sound of the Breaking the Habit song, complementing the emotional appeals of the sowing lady with brief phrases of the grinding. The Gravity composition continues the musical narration of the Skarlett Riot - Invicta album with acceleration of the pace, placing in combination with the fierce of vocals, but preserving its melodic essence.
Symphonic beginning and a combination of melodism and futuristic notch starts the sound of the Black Cloud composition, then embodying the anthem. The Underwater and Stronger retains the importance of sound, but it seals it in the rhythmic feeds of the medium-dimension drive.
The incinerate waves of a dense drive, the Cut the Ties composition expands the stylistic framework of the album, complementing them with the essays power metal musical sgades. Acoustic symphony will add and envelop the charm of the female vocal in the sound of the Into Pieces ballad.
Singing lady's vocal tunes are combined in the Not Alone coherent dance with persistent and unstainless music passages. In the sound of the To the Flames composition of female and male vocals alternate in the foreground of the musical image. The Falling after the intriguing accession fascinates the ascension of the emotional banners of the eating lady's vocal phrases. The Human composition completes the album with the union of vocal contradictions.