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Bird soaring heralds the storm

September 21, 2018
Seven Reizh - L'Albatros

Thoughtfully and symphonically with the choirs of a female vocal resembling violin parts, Le pavillon chinois begins the lace of mysterious charming themes of the progressive Seven Reizh - L'Albatros album. Particularly noteworthy is the leitmotif, which anticipates the enchanting female vocals, which complements the charm of Arabic motifs, introducing the subtle heat of the spicy winds in the final part with charming instrumental passages. Wind noise, surf and thoughtful romantic passages begin the next track. In this Brizh romance, symphonic lace-inspiring instrumental motifs weave vocal meditations in a marvelous ornament, creating a kind of French chanson from the middle of the last century, returning marvelous melody and atmosphere of sensual feelings from non-existence. But then the emotional experiences of female vocals complement the male phrases, ascending in the bright whirlwind to the light of the sun. Such a striking combination of vocal thoughts and experiences is complemented by the saxophone solo and incredibly romantic instrumental passages.
The Tiqit weman main motif fascinates with a mysterious romantic motif, male and female vocals alternately complement such a fascinating picture with their shades, as if sorting through their memories and past ones, transmitted through the veins through centuries by clan legends.
The festivity and preparation for the coming battles Dalc'h mad are combined in the whirl of ritual songs, the shaman stuffs sacred rites on the tambourine and sings the prediction of future events. Then the mother of the family sings the memories of past wars and trials - hinting that mankind is developing in a spiral and the past will repeat again, the shaman complements her exhortations.
A marvelous and marvelous leitmotif canvas brings to the surface either male or female vocals, weaving perception in the lace of unforgettable images, combining them in an unforgettable romantic ballad Klasker-Bara, continuing in the epic saga of the next composition Kriz, continuing to create amazing inspiration alternating male and female vocals, enveloping them with wondrous musical images. Then, after the winds of cosmic winds, the music in some way transforms the style, softening and lightening and so not straining and unobtrusive motifs. In the final part of such a diverse and multi-valued composition, male vocals come to the forefront of sounding, inferior and alternating with female at the very end of the song.
First, the female vocal introduces a certain surprise - the variety of the French language lyrics of the album is English lyrics, then combining this vocation with the male vocals, but then returning to the French lyrics. These changeable vocal reflections envelop the gloomy haze of romantic musical motifs. It should be noted that the Lostmarc'h female vocal is more clearly than in the previous compositions demonstrates the component of the operatic vocals and from time to time returns to the English-language lyrics. The final composition of the album Er lein continues sensual romanticism, but complements the spicy experiences of oriental folklore and the sultry tunes of desert memories with the murderous Irish bagpipes - I really do not know where to put this fascinating and fascinating album. Although the heroic bagpipes do not change the romantic motives, they only complement the symphonic melodies with their shades.