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Berserk levels should be assumed

February 22, 2018
Beast In Black - Berserker

Combining fabulous motifs with unrestrained drive, but keeping musical tempo within the average pace Beast In Black is starting the Beast In Black - Berserker album, developing the main motive in the effective combination of epics and drive.
Electronic impulses are combined with a terrible fog, female vocals bring a touch of romanticism. Blind And Frozen song to which the group have released the very interesting video continues the album reinforcing romanticism and sensuality of narration, male vocals brings an atmosphere of pride and self-confidence enveloped in spectacular instrumental motifs. The epic fascinating motive reveals its features in the introduction, then follows restrained reflections and a growing musical honor raises the repetition of the Blood Of A Lion title in the chorus again and again.
Valorous banners flutter over the procession of the invincible shining army. Lord first reflects on the continuation of the festival, then leads a triumphant procession in the mid-tempo march, Born Again again and again turning to thoughtful reflections in the verses.
In the narrative of the legends about the Zodd The Immortal tempo increases, taking in the rapid rhythmic race the proud phrases, the shades of the vocal parts conjoin the glittering lace of fairy-tale images.
Epic motives raise the The Fifth Angel main motive in the unchanging certainty of the upcoming triumph of elected principles, the trust that will uprise to divine graces and majestic glory.
Changing the epic picture Crazy, Mad, Insane casts off a fairy charm and casts musical images into the unrestrained fun of dance rhythms, relating the song to a completely different musical genre, bringing the already manifested detachment to incredible limits Hell For All Eternity (Bonus Track) returns to the epic fabulous limits, but brings with it the lightness and enchanting sparkling charm of popular music, but vocals and musical motifs combine both these features together very well.
Inspired by strength and energy, the Eternal Fire main motive takes in a sparkling procession to divine blessings and striving for righteous light, taking away from sinful thoughts and short-term carnal pleasures.
But righteous and sinless postulates meet on their way countless temptations, in a playful and mannered mood, supplementing with Go To Hell (Bonus Track) howl, sending demons back to their lord.
Majestically and solemnly, End Of The World will create a marvelous marvelous musical picture in which the vocals appeal to feelings and thoughts, music is soaring with an exciting vortex of sublime reflections.
The lyrical romance of the soft and gentle ballad Ghost In The Rain completes the album in dreamy reflections about the upcoming events - who will be met before leaving while following for the reaper with a scythe.