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Being in constant fear of the wrath of evil

May 05, 2022
Lucifer's Child - Under Satan's Wrath

Musical twilight weaves vocal mystery, rushing into the frantic shoulder straps of the sound of the Death Beyond Holy Creation composition, bringing the twilight mystery of vocal proclamations to the introduction of the Lucifer's Child - Under Satan's Wrath album, then varying the screaming and growling in various presentations and displays of the vocal part. The guitar solo brings melodious variety.
Rhythmically driving the direction of development of the main motif, the Under Inhumane Evil Spells song is chased by the unrestrained musical variations crowned with the sparkling charm of the guitar solo for the lack of enthusiasm of vocal phrases, then uniting in a joint musical race.
The twilight narrative of the Worship Her dark tale uprises the dark honors of service to darkness and celebrates the significance of these beliefs in a darkened procession through the darkened catacombs to the heart of darkness.
Vocal speeches invoke a whirlwind of evil musical frenzy by reciting the spell of black magic, then bringing the Satan's Wrath warlock narrative to the forefront of the sound and continuing vocal dominance in the sound of the Nova Tenebris composition after the intriguing mystery of the introduction. The Enter The Eternal Fire final composition of the album raises banners of musical greatness, bringing into the sound the outlines of twilight fairy tales and echoes of a fascinating hymn and medieval musical suites.