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Becoming twisted like villain

January 19, 2022
Lilyhammer - Twisted (EP)

The Dead Horse track begins the musical narrative of the Lilyhammer - Twisted (EP) release with fierce vocals rebellion, insistently and fiercely blowing up the mood of coming changes with vocal anger and rage. The guitar solo of the instrumental part enchants with its melody, anticipating the final chorus of the musical composition.
Then the vocals bring thoughtfulness and reflection to their part, transforming the sound of the Becoming The Villain song with significance and more meaningful than rebellious lyrics.
The Twisted album's title track combines the features of the previous compositions, but begins the vocal part with an indignant recitative, occasionally exploding with angry vocal phrases. The instrumental passages bring some shades of a different thoughtfulness to the musical sound.
Once again returning to a reflection on the essence of the world and the fate of coming changes, the This Means War vocals combine a stubborn harsh with the background mystery of clean vocals, bringing the vocal part a variety to the sound of the album, maintaining a similar style in the American Psycho album's final track - in which even the vocals are transformed with shades of reflection.