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Beauty can be found even in the ashes

March 03, 2021
Eowyn - Beautiful Ashes

The electronic motives of the You Had To introduction anticipate the inspirational tunes of the singing lady, in whose vocal part the unity of futuristic perception and folklore motives can be traced. The title track continues the Eowyn - Beautiful Ashes album with a melancholy atmosphere of a romantic symphony in which the impulsive passages of modern musical influences rises up.
The female vocals come to the fore of the More Than Yesterday brooding ballad, complementing the main vocals with backing vocals and creating an instrumental background with musical pulsations. The Fail-Safe song continues the ballad romance, but pays more attention to the unity of the modern musical interpretation of ancient fairy tales and musical motives. The dreamy introduction of the Dream composition embodies its name, transforming with electronic pulsations the realization of symphonic suites from classical music and minstrel sagas.
Music and vocals intertwine in an intriguing intriguing dance, then the music energetically and persistently pushes the vocal phrases upward in the musical action of the Cliche chorus. Inspired reflections of the singing lady are intertwined in an enchanting waltz with musical passages of the Burning Pages song. But the sound of the Alive composition takes you into the sphere of dance music, drawing you into unrestrained round dances.
However, the festivities and entertainment take a lot of energy, which brings about the sad loftiness of the All I Need acoustic ballad, enveloping the vocal tunes in symphonic lace. However, then the music condenses the sound into a majestic anthem. The Music Box puts an end to the album with a vocal monologue with an unobtrusive chime in the background.