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Battles and duels give rise to fairy tales

November 14, 2020
Thrust (USA) - The Helm Of Awe

The old man's narration, shrouded in the noise of the wind and bad weather, set the mood for the opening of a powerful mid-tempo saga, rolling in waves of pulsating drive and uplifting the epic essence with an inspired vocal narration that accentuates the title of the Black River song in the chorus. Continuing the mid-tempo musical narration, the Blood In The Sky adorns the intro with a bright guitar solo, then transforms into the continuation of the Thrust (USA) - The Helm Of Awe album with a battle march with an accelerating tempo. The Purgatory Gates vocal part, entwined with a whirlwind of guitar riffs, march in a mid-tempo march, preserving the atmosphere of the storytelling.
Captivating the fast-paced guitar solo of the intro the Still Alive song then focuses on slowing the tempo down to please the vocal. The vocal part is intertwined in a mesmerizing waltz with musical passages of guitar parts in the waltz of the Killing Bridge romantic ballad. The noise of the battle and the epic guitar solo takes you into the energetic race of the Battle Flag musical thriller. In the introduction and in the opening fragment, the Ghost In Me walks in the twilight pensiveness of a sophisticated ballad, but then accelerates the tempo in an energetic stream of musical drive.
Once again, the The Traveler (Feat. Tracy Grijalva) returns to the romantic atmosphere of a charming ballad, complemented by the influence of a guest artist. The guitar solo of the instrumental part in his performance captivates with incredible melody and bewitching sound. The Crucifixion returns to mid-tempo drive, alternating in the foreground of the musical image rebellious vocals and inspirational guitar solos. Continuing the same style, but thickening the musical narration with an epic twilight and hardening the vocals to dark screaming and muffled growling at the beginning, the Helm Of Awe title track concludes the album.