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Battle of thrones tale

October 23, 2022
Dragon Throne - Dawnbringer

The ritual melodies of the adepts in the twilight atmosphere of mystery and symphonic musical grandeur open the way for the musical procession of the Dragon Throne - Dawnbringer album with the Intro, soaring the unity of epic musical echoes and the epic atmosphere of the procession of the unhurried Awaken Zuruk Baal musical fairy tale, combining in the vocal part diverse emotional shades and styles of sound.
The guitar solo of the introduction is a braided lace of the Serpent King main motif, then crowned with an inspired vocals narrative, complementing the main vocals with background singing and expanding the stylistic shades of the vocal part with various stylistic variations, developing the epic theme of the Waiting For The Answer battle saga with memories of past fights and battles, preparing for further tests, bringing the vocal part to the forefront in the final part.
Fascinating musical motifs with a touch of oriental folklore are intertwined in the fascinating artistic musical creation of the Sands Of Rasul oriental fairy tale with vocal narration, dragging to the expanses of legends and mystical charms, exploding with a rapid drive in the frantic fury of the Silver City musical thriller, developing these spicy legends and fairy tales in the combative unrestrained rapid drive. The vocal part takes you to the expanses of forgotten legends and clouded legends, enchanting with the Dragon's Scar solemn march, entwined with covers of epic musical motifs, anticipating the final chords and musical artistry of the completion of the Dawnbringer album with the title track.