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Autumn was brought by howls of the winds

August 10, 2016
Favni - Windswept

Not eager to hide, does not aspire to shelter Favni - Windswept (CD1) - they are ready to inspire all of us!
Guitar strum is the foundation for the sublime and dreamy keyboard passages in the intro of the Yearning For You. Next vocals joins starts with far chorals, then adds emotional component and lady's voice to its course.
Melancholic brooding story submitted by minstrel lady, Fare-Thee-Well combines gentle female voice, guitar fingering and fidlers inspirations. After the mid electro guitar saturates the sound of music with their riffs, but it is not alienated violin from the listener and bard Lady does not lose its tenderness in the guitar breaks vortices.
Guitar fingering complement the fiddler's notes in the intro of the Leaf In The Wind, then lady's vocals describes the leaf's life - how it float on the waves of the winds to get in autumn weather from familiar tree to the ground. Gentle female vocals inspired by fickle yellowing leaves dancing while falling in streams of autumn winds.
Female emotional vocal permeate all around with their sounds, snarling moves and envelops with gloomy mysterious atmosphere while dragging into the abyss of Imaginary Necromancy. After stubborn energetic enslavement at start, only guitar fingering accompanies a gentle female voice - there's no sense for the excessive zeal in the abyss.
A memorable melodic intro of the The Visionary returns fascinating memories to our minds. Then, the music mutes the waves of memory, clean female vocals glides on them - gentle, confident and emotionally. But guitars blasts their impressions, then flute takes its solo to the fore of sound canvas. Ends composition is as powerful and impressive as was started.
The violin leads the guitar and keyboards, pointing their way, without the slightest doubt. Then man tells that Summer's Over soon, melancholy, sadness and expectation of the coming weather envelops us with gloomy atmosphere pessimistic premonitions. Sealed guitar riffs floating around violin leitmotif,as undead razed gloomy ghost. But we hear the cries of gulls, the music subsides and rare guitar notes embody the quintessence of sadness.
Thoughtful male voice begins with the first moments, he's In The Grey! Melancholic, dreamy meditation interrupted by flute, guitar complementing its passage with fingering. Then the music becomes saturated, overflowing with guitar riffs, recreating the grayness of being.

FavniImpressions, thoughts and emotions are not grasped by one disc -
Favni - Windswept (CD2) appears before our attention!
Sad, pessimistic ballad A Rainy Autumn Day describes the mood when cold and warm blanket cage in a glass box behind the window, in which the raindrops drumming. Slush, bad weather and dark skies burdened consciousness, untrammeled imagination with their fetters. Solo flute brings the completion of the parade of loneliness and sadness.
Guitars combinate their less strum with more fingering, then vocals and flute joins to the Leaving. Farewell sad and melancholy kept compounding its sound canvas, reinforcing instrumental accompaniment, supporting the main motive, which performed by flute.
After the farewell from modern warm studio, group does not want to completely separate the music from fans, complementing the second disc of the album recordings from the scene, living replicas of the interconnection of energy fields with the audience:
Cuivienen (Live), The Path (Live), In The Grey (Live).
This only reinforces the confidence in the powerful energy that the group aims to share with all those who like their music!