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At times, fire absorbs the living without touching the living

September 07, 2018
Tribes Of Cain - Essence Of Fire

Mysteriously and thoughtfully, the instrumental introduction Strains (Intro) begins the Tribes Of Cain - Essence Of Fire album with majestic and varied reflections anticipating further explosions of lust and anger, which tend to stir up the surrounding space, combining several musical styles in the Era Of Lies song, alternating them with waves of depressive guitar passages, cohesive in progressive musical lace.
The majestic Cardinal Sin anthem continues the musical narration, the vocals are shrouded in enchanting musical panels of the majestic saga. Then the music is carried away in a fast-moving race, ahead of vocal phrases, but returns to the qualifying nature of vocal thinking. Combining meaningful reflections with a thoughtful vocal narration, Wolf Winds appears as a magnificent symphony, sometimes reaching the average tempo of the narration.
Acoustic guitar symphony Perseverance (Interludium) serves is the introduction of the subsequent The Burden (Of A White Light) composition, vividly and progressively recreating the dark covers enveloping the comprehensive spaces. Vocals slowly and rhythmically drive in their phrases, it should be noted - not typical for the style of gnashing of screaming, but dry and significant growling. But then screaming still comes to the fore, not relating, however, the composition is typical manifestations of style (which your humble servant doesn’t really like). Instrumental bridges intertwine melodic passages, in vocal parts the vocals are very diverse.
The majestic march rolls in proud waves, symphonicly developing the Final Crusade further narrative, which is so vividly - that it does not make sense to describe it - it is necessary to rehear again and again! Orchestral passages, intertwined in Desire (Interludium) charming symphony? anticipating the development of I Am frantic drive, interlacing the sublime symphony with impetuous rage. The The Essence Of Firetitle track precedes the completion of the album, weaving a variation of the vocal parts with a fascinating melody of the main motive. The noise of the river rapids Resonance (Outro) completes the album, Acoustic and instrumental rethinking of several compositions of the album Final Crusade (Acoustic Bonus Track), Wolf Winds (Instrumental Bonus Track), The Burden (Instrumental Bonus Track) completes the musical artwork.