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At this point the storms are intertwining in dances

November 12, 2019
In Mourning - Garden of Storms

The intriguing chime of guitar strings mesmerizes with the Black Storm mysterious intro, then shrouded in the mystery of bewitching sound severe vocal growling. Then, after a fast flight of unbridled drive, dreamy phrases of clean vocals elevate enchanting clouds of sparkling promises, progressively embodying the duality of the musical essence of the In Mourning - Garden of Storms album.
Beginning with thoughtful, doubting reflections of clean vocals, enveloping the veils of mystery Yields of Sand after the instrumental bridge, preserving the mystery of doubt raises the banner of dark triumph with harsh growling phrases entwined with the toga of gloomy triumph.
Setting the whirlwind of a fast-moving dive into the introduction, then Hierophant returns to a pulsating medium-tempo musical narration, enveloping the echoes of ancient legends and variously varying vocal and instrumental transformations.
Starting with a bewitching dance of acoustic romance, Magenta Ritual then intertwines the alternation of vocal phrases of pure vocals and growling in the enchanting waltz of the trends of ancient legends.
Chasing swiftly in a stream of unbridled drive, caution and tracking are then shown in the Huntress Moon song. Such alternations manifest themselves again and again, bewitching the musical diversity of the composition. Sage's thoughts and enchanting musical variations envelops the alternation of clean vocals and growling with majestic shades of meaningful Tribunal of Suns appeals that follow true traditions. The Lost Outpost concludes the album with a saddened romantic saga that appeals to higher powers and complements vocal reflections with the covers of a sublime anthem.