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At the edge of light or darkness

September 21, 2021
Sculptured - The Liminal Phase

The intriguing, thoughtful and mysterious The Ordeal of Undecidability composition marks the listener of the twilight mysteriousness, starting the Sculptured - The Liminal Phase album by leisurely, but anxious waiting for future change and premonitions of unexpected discoveries and inevitable changes. In instrumental bridges on the foreground of the musical image, artistic symphonies of clafical solo are acting.
Rolling the waves of dense sounding, the Dead Wall Reveries song introduces the waves of a discreet twilight drive, retreating vocal experiences on a musical background, as if to hide some secrets, leaving as long as possible in partial ignorance.
The bright guitar solo of the State of Exception intro dispels the dusk and creating the mood of inspiration, then developing and setting the sparkling procession of the main motive, complementing vocal reflections with sparkling keyboards passages.
The romantic sound of a guitar solo anticipates the further development of the At the Margins of Light thoughtful ballad, whining vocals reflections by exciting musical passages and creating an impressive musical background. The Only Shame Can Save Us song puts the final point in the album, rolling the waves of a guitar solo, crowned with vocals experiences.