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Ashes to ashes

May 13, 2021
In Asymmetry -  Ashes of Dead Worlds

Soulful chorales set the epic texture of the Whom Prey on the Weak intro, then complementing the spiritual essence with the fury of a frantic musical drive, intertwined in a lace of artistic variations with the severity of vocal growling in progressive musical solutions, and sometimes complementing the vocal part with screaming. The To Him Be The Glory Forever and Ever song continues the sound of the In Asymmetry - Ashes of Dead Worlds album with a dense and harsh drum roll of a harsh march, supplemented at first with demonic surges of vocal anger, then weaving them with music in a single musical spiral.
Combining a mid-tempo musical march with vocal significance, the Hatred Towards the Holy Creature captivates with the unity of music and vocals in a single sound essence. The Forged By The Ancient Entity song begins with vocal proclamations, as if a significant lord is preaching to his subordinates the true path of advancement to further achievements.
The Ashes of Dead Worlds title track accelerates the tempo, combining symphonic influence with vocal severity in a single musical stream, varying the tempo and style of sound. The In My Own Image and Likeness song immediately brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, supporting the vocal phrases with furious waves of drive in the verse, complementing them with melodic revelations and brooding laces of choruses and bridges.
Rolling in waves of severe anger and indignation into the introduction, the Emancipation track then sets the stylistic details of one of the elements of destruction of the modern world. Combining the dark symphonic essence of the musical saga, the Thou Art Prayed By The Nazarenes builds the vocal part on the interweaving and combination of screaming and growling. The Sense of the Diabolic (Deeds of Flesh Cover) concludes the release with a tribute to the legendary band by reimagining and remaking its song.