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Ashes from the Earth rise in flames in paradise

March 14, 2021
Sunnata - Burning In Heaven, Melting On Earth

Romantic guitar passes are woker in the fascinating dance with vocal reflections, combined in the atmosphere of romantic bliss. But then the explosion of a fierce musical drive and vocal fierce creates a complete image of the Crows composition defining a very multilateral and widescreen musical broadcasting of the Sunnata - Burning In Heaven, Melting On Earth album.
God Emperor Of DuneThe mystical atmosphere is sinking the vocal dialogue, whispering the question of invisible spirits in the mysterious atmosphere of intro, then music and vocals are woined in the fascinating dance of the eastern motives, fascinating into unknown expanses and the desire to achieve the knowledge of Shangri-La. Continuing the eastern tunes, the A Million Lives (feat. Alia Fay) song becomes more spicy, sometimes shuffling the buzz of the desert, complementing the mystical appeals to the invited musical lady.
Starting at the atmosphere of unclear mysteriousness, wrapped in oppressions of musical junctions of the intro of the Black Serpent musical tale continues this stylist of Indian folklore in the bus tickets. But the choruses firm music and vocals in the harsh unity of the dark anthem of demonic rage.
Music of the Volva (The Seeress) song will tear vocal reflections, the raising banners of mysterious reflection by mysterious musical conquers for unclear romantics returning out of the shadows of the forgotten past exilered manuscripts of ancient sagas. Way Out completes the musical narration of the album in the atmosphere of the twilight sacrament, again and again emphasizing the song's name of the chorus, enveloping vocal reflections by unclear ghostly whims of musical fairy tales.