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Ashes and dust are left behind

August 14, 2020
Sepulchral Curse - Only Ashes Remain

The From Within the Bowels of the Earth musical twilight envelopes in impenetrable haze, enveloping the vocal part with whirlwinds of musical darkness and frightening omens. Beginning with a swift drive, the music sometimes transforms into a mid-tempo march of a dark anthem. The Swarming Blackness continues the Sepulchral Curse - Only Ashes Remain album's dark sound with the viscous power of mid-tempo drive, bringing artistic rhythm variations with whirlwinds of guitar solo. The introduction of the vocals calls for a certain acceleration of the tempo, continuing the musical procession on the verge of mid-tempo sound and impetuous drive. The vocal part is diversified by the furious screams of emotional screaming.
Musical passages vary the Into the Depths Unknown sound, intertwining in a mesmerizing dance with alternating screaming and growling in vocals, complementing these changes with epic musical echoes. The solemn procession of the Eyes Inside mid-tempo march weaves the bewitching lace of the majestic anthem, then cutting through these covers with a blade of impetuous drive with emotional screaming, but again returning to the unhurried procession.
Enveloping in a gloomy atmosphere of unknown mysticism, the Church of Loss enters into a mysterious march, but then again and again transforms the sound of the music in accordance with the transformations of the vocals, setting the mood of a severe musical thriller, supported by the sound of the Dead Stars Drawing Spirals next composition. The Maan Tuhkien Uneen epic saga that changes the English lyrics into the band's native language concludes the album with a majestic canvas of heroic tales.