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As to be concealed by something else

December 30, 2020
Code Orange - Underneath

The muffled musings of the (deeperthanbefore) musical intrigue continues with a distorted musical rattle, then the Swallowing the Rabbit Whole complements the mesmerizing artistry of musical severity with notes of progressive obscurity, embodying the essence of the Code Orange - Underneath album and complementing this mid-tempo narration with vocal reflections. The In Fear then brings the vocal to the fore of the dark anthem, alternating male and female vocals in its epic saga.
Rolling with the unrestrained drive of the You and You Alone intro, the song's sound then restrains the musical tempo with vocal reflections. Vocal reflections complemented by vocal experiences create an emotional image of the Who I Am twilight ballad. Sometimes exploding in a whirlwind of drive, the Cold.Metal.Place creates musical mystery with vocal narration, entwined with either futuristic modernism, or epic mystery. The melodic guitar solo of the Sulfur Surrounding intro rolls out the musical canvas for a mesmerizing ballad, then incarnates in its main motive. The Easy Way again emphasizes the influence of contemporary music on the development of compositional ideas. After the shot that separates the sound of the compositions, the Erasure Scan is whirled into a whirlwind of groove metal drive, then again and again transforming the style of sound.
Setting the main motive of the sound by the tenacity of the battle march Last Ones Left sometimes brings vocal indignation and anger to the fore. Building the leitmotif on the basis of the guitar solo of intro, the Autumn and Carbine mesmerizes with its unity with emotional vocal chants. The unrestrained race of the Back Inside the Glass musical thriller retreats before the vocal thrust. A Sliver lightens the tone by enveloping vocal reflections in a veil of saddened romance. The title track Underneath finishes this release, enchanting with vocal experiences.