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April 24, 2020
Dawn of Ouroboros - The Art Of Morphology

The noise of the rain, the saddened notes of the guitar solo slowly enter the brooding narrative of the Dawn of Ouroboros - The Art Of Morphology album, then sounding the alarm with guitar riffs and an alarming whisper in the background. The introduction of vocals hardens the Revivified Spirits musical narration and accelerates its pace in addition to furious growling. Musical grandeur, complemented by a vocal narration, marches with a bewitching procession of the Pinnacle Induced Vertigo solemn anthem, alternating between the severe growling of male vocals and the pensive tenderness of female vocals.
Tender instrumental symphony Gateway To Tenebrosity weaves a bewitching lace from the passages of the piano with acoustic guitar solo. At first, the Lunar Cathexis continues soft musical tenderness, but then becomes hardened by a pulsating drive, at first setting the vocal fury of a male scream growl, though preserving the melodic charm of musical artistry, complementing it with thoughtful tunes of female vocals. Symphony, rage and drive are intertwined together in an epic narrative of the Spiral Of Hypnotism composition, alternating tenderness and rage, combining male and female vocals in a duet, raising the tonality of male screaming.
The mystical echoes of musical mystery set an atmosphere of obscure dusk, as if Serpent's Charm is recalling the spirits of an ancestor and enveloping a mysterious atmosphere with a deep growling. Sorrow's Eclipse explodes in a stream of rapid drive, vocals at first pace the pace, but then the variations and alternation of violent explosions and brooding melodics are repeated again and again. Valiant Abscond completes the album with an instrumental composition, which impressively combines in a single musical image a severe drive and magnificent melody.