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Arrangement of apocalypse with scientific terms

September 06, 2021
Fear Factory, 2021 -  Aggression Continuum

Starting with a speech in a muted and futuristic distortion, the Recode composition begins the Fear Factory - Aggression Continuum album narrative by the unity of the musical drive, the vocal rage and the influence of symphonic musical shades. The Disruptor begins by the announcement of the title, then keeping the vocal party in the foreground of the musical image, combining the synthesis of a fierce drive with harsh vocals and symphonic romanticism with clean vocals. The Aggression Continuum title track complements the dominance of the vocal part with the corresponding shifts and alternation of vocal styles with musical variations.
Rhythmic musical passages of the Purity composition are uprising vocals phrases to the crest of musical waves. The Fuel Injected Suicide Machine song continues such a stylist, but then it varying the sound stirring into the majestic anthem after the vortex of the rapid drive. The Collapse track begins by handling a speaker, then rhythmically driven by a march march, complicating musical variations in a progressive manner.
The keyboard symphony alarm and fears pierces the sound of the Manufactured Hope leitmotif. Starting futuristic keyboard suite, the Cognitive Dissonance song then combines this musical charm with assertive and powerful drive. Harsh and clean vocals alternate in the foreground of the Monolith musical image, moving in the fascinating dance with musical variations. The End Of Line composition completes the album with its longest composite phenomenon, complementing the sound of epic shades.