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Army pace the way - darkness not falls apart!

May 04, 2016
Inactive Messiah - Dark Masterpiece

Starts like the different from another Inactive Messiah - Dark Masterpiece.
continues into Lord of Avaris, that transcends the soundwaves on all around like the flows of the withered leaves! Fight! Kick! Block! Punch! That's Dark Masterpiece! You have to conquer it - or change your path to rotten unfleshed corpse!
Step! Pace! Step! Pace! Pace it, further, pace it 24 Carat Blood tracks the way into forward with the blossom pace into technical variations of sounds - taking pace far from usual ways on the unusual and unchained!
Man of war takes his axe and slashes all around! Argh! Blood Needs Blood - your blood asks for OTHER BLOOD?! Take your axe and kick one, who joins the song with the clear voice! His lungs asks about thorned pieces of metal in it, argh!
Classical passages starts the Apocalypse - that's track omniscient someone's living' with their tunes and notes.
Hard blowed rhytmical strikes starts the Whore of Babylon with their pace, followed by the harshed growl voice...joined by mysterious tale of unconvinced jailed soul.
Farewell Tonight takes us into straight dancing with the beasts, phantomes and chasmes. Ballad flows far from human being into the steambounded reality Can you feal the pain of your soul? My Funeral lyrical ballad helps you to take part in that combined chalenge with the fate of fallen one.
The battle asks the legions of the Army of Darkness! Warlord yells - "Fight! Figth! My army of Darkness!". Then melodical instrumental piece with female voice on background, followed by instrumental pierced sound, that destroys everything on its way!