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Arising against the wind

July 19, 2021
Crimson Shadows - The Resurrection

Entry creates a pensive atmosphere, revealing the musical gates of the Crimson Shadows - The Resurrection release with the bright transformation of the former composition.
Sound combines some musical styles in a single key, the vocal party alternates and combines screaming and growling. But then the musical concept is transformed, complementing the stylistic variety of the vocal party with a dreaming clean vocals.
Such incredible stylistic diversity the sound of the Betrayed by Thy King (Rerecorded) song expands the circle of potential fans of the band to incredible values, asking the direction for the further development of musical concepts.
Immediately recking in the swirl of the fierce musical thriller, the Blackfire composition turns over and combines the vocal image with the musical rage, alternating fierce appeals to the grinding with unity of clean vocals and screaming, sometimes combining all three vocal styles in a single musical stream.
The unrestrained drive of guitar whirlwinds of entry sets the mood of a fierce thriller of music passages of the Against the Wind final composition of the release, combined with the manifold of stylistic shades of the vocal party.