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Arise from the ashes? There's no troubles

August 23, 2017
Leaving Eden - Out of the Ashes

A thoughtful romance casts feelings and emotions over all in mind, enveloping everything around them in the Leaving Eden - Out of the Ashes album.
Starting with a lyrical, thoughtful introduction, Skies of Grey puts a drive and pressure in the verse, but in the chorus and bridges, raising romance above all else. The alternation of female vocals, enveloping consciousness with venomous charm, and male one, softening and smoothing poisonous sensuality, and constructing the sound of What More, pulling into the expanses of imaginary romance. The title composition Out of the Ashes carries into mystical limits, enveloping the mysterious vague outlines of unknown spirits, arising from non-existence, imperceptibly influencing all kinds of trends Sound getting bolder, Maniac complements it with emotions and thoughts, combining female phrases with additions of male vocals creeping into the dominant vocal part. Female vocal becomes nervous because of this - so swings the experience to the top.
Composition Sometimes undergoes different incarnations in this album (Sometimes "Radio Edit" completes it). Energy splashes over the edge, sounding captivates everyone around in a violent dance, enveloping the romantic haze of imaginary charms.
The gentle passages of the keyboard are combined with quiet tranquil tendencies of marvelous melodies, combining in brief instrumental symphony Interludio, that sound like No Soul intro (Or, maybe, next 3 track means a kind of rock-opera?). Unlike previous compositions, the duet of male and female vocals sounds equally, female vocals, although it occupies a major role, but the influence of the male is more significant.
After tales, dreams, dreams and dreams, Real Life throws us into the whirlwind of everyday squabbles, which do not allow us to raise our heads from the dusk of daily worries, distracting attention from the main.
Gentle, pacifying ballad Ashes in the Sky allows you to look at the world from the sky, distracting from burdensome ordinariness - taking care and adversity to an unprecedented distance, in a symphonic atmosphere, smoothing the svelte edges of habitual being. Instrumental Epilogo completes this trilogy and the entire album until the second incarnations Sometimes "Radio Edit".