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November 13, 2017
Moonspell - 1755 (Limited Edition Digipak)

The concept album Em Nome do Medo (In the Name of Fear) introduction that begins the Moonspell - 1755 (Limited Edition Digipak) is dedicated to the Lisbon earthquake, at 9:20 am on November 1, killed many people and turned the Portuguese capital into ruins. Pensive symphonic orchestral passages, twilight background of the sombre whisper into the album with an anxious anticipation of the growing musical pattern, which is supplemented by a rising vocal rising higher and higher, which is then supplemented by mystical chorals.
The title track 1755 continues the album, passing in the dispute between the emotional and vivid vocals of Fernando Ribeiro with a chorus of invisible angels, enveloped in symphonic covers of a delightful orchestral symphony. The main motive of In Tremor Dei (feat. Paulo Braganca) manifests from the very beginning, then rivetting more and more vocal and instrumental moves to its path, urging to follow it in everything.
The pulsating heartbeat of the Desastre (Disaster) musical organism accompanies the vocal phrases that swirl upward, enveloping it in an alarming gloomy atmosphere.
Concerned anxious march Abanao (Quake) rolls waves of tough reflections, chorals bring chants in Latin, but male vocals in pulsating music brings anxiety and anticipation of future disasters.
Evento (Event) continues troubling thoughts, in a soft and thoughtful introduction showing the features of the subsequent keynote. Music sometimes sweeps the waves of drive, sometimes comes back to troubling meditations with bright melodious musical passages and chorus in the background. The furious drive of unruly elements sweeps the anger of nature 1 de Novembro (November 1st) against humanity, the vocals embody terrible emotions in view of the incredible disaster, spreading the boundless regret of the ongoing horror. Then the symphony creates a romantic atmosphere, the vocals muffle about the experiences of people. Again, a violent wave of vocal and musical revelations completes the composition.
The perception of the Ruinas (Ruins) surrounding people that stays alive personifies the disobedience of nature to human aspirations, in the calm meditations of gloomy sadness creating an atmosphere of understanding of the anger of nature. Considering that this monstrous earthquake was at Hallowin's day, Todos os Santos (All Saints) can't be not mentioned in this album. The thoughts of the people were turned to the fact that this is a kind of punishment for their voluminism and sins. The song creates something like a confession for their sins.
Romantic, brooding ballads create a pensive atmosphere, starting with a muffled whisper of vocal phrases, Lanterna dos Afogados (Paralamas do Sucesso cover ) (Lighthouse for the Drowned) leading their souls to the revival of lost shrines, knowledge and palaces - both in the living world and where they fell due to this tragedy.
The re-compilation of one of the compositions performed in a different language Desastre (bonus song / Spanish Version) (Disaster) completes the album.