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Are you sure of your choice? Let the night begins...

July 09, 2017
Dying Fetus - Wrong One To Fuck With

So ornate, mysterious and sparkling guitar solo begins Fixated on Devastation, revealing the sound of the album Dying Fetus - Wrong One To Fuck With. After such a complicated guitar solo, power and drive pounce on all sides with tough confident and undeniable pressure. In the instrumental part, these guitar ideas are once again hovering around the violent whirlwind of notes and images.
Clear, deadly dance of pulsating rhythm leads to the undeniable rumble Panic Amongst the Herd, the music breaks down in rapid pulses to the bridges. But the vocals, ascending to emotional screaming, sometimes join these rapid jerks. In the instrumental part, the guitar solo blows into a high-speed frenzy, then turns into pulsating reflections Viscous, thick as molasses, the introduction lulls attention, stealing ordinary trifles around. But then Die with Integrity gets up in a fast impulsive drive, quick and hurried vocal phrases speed up the pace. Guitars are difficult, unpredictable and interesting to change the musical picture, then swirling in the vortex of a tornado, then enveloping the vocals with thick and viscous whirlwinds of desert sand. So - the composition is so changeable, diverse and multifaceted, that it can be described for a long time and a lot. It is worth listening to - everyone will have their own impressions!
Powerfully, indisputably and deeply growling begins every Reveling in the Abyss tact, emotionally and impulsively completing it. Then the music rushes in the melodic vortexes, enveloped in complex guitar riffs - as if from the north brought a blizzard, enveloped by the ghosts and ancient spirits. The instrumental part and bridges introduce mysticism and mystery of the composition, transferring them to the top.
Guttural growling vocals and viscous, measured riffs begin with a thick veil of introduction Seething with Disdain. Then the sound is a combination of deep phrases with the appropriate accompaniment and violent, bright, difficult and fast guitar twists in the bridges.
A sharp impulsive drive carries away with the unrestrained stream of musical ideas into the fast and hurried journey of Ideological Subjugation, unrestrainedly rushing thoughts and musical ideas all spaces around.
Mysterious, impenetrable fog envelops into the darkness, then after melodic break Weaken the Structure rushes into the gloomy abyss of a violent drive, through instrumental frenzy, the vocal looks through the background substrate, then throws up a violent impulse. Again and again.
Marching drummroll creates the basis for the Fallacy introduction, then fascinating guitar motives throws from side to side, the vocal strives to unite this fusses together - this is possible, despite the fact that the same variability is transmitted to the vocals.
The march continues, confidently and persistently the procession Unmitigated Detestation moves along the chosen path. But after the introduction of the vocal structure of the music and rhythm becomes so complicated, shimmering with various ideas, changing the musical pattern and vocals styles. After a bright, multi-valued and multifaceted guitar solo, a pulsating march follows with confident vocal instructions.
Improvisation and a short solo on the bass guitar starts the title track Wrong One to Fuck With. Then follow the vocal instructions, followed by emotional growling and impetuous instrumental drive with hurried vocal phrases. In the chorus, the confident teachings of an experienced sage replaces the impetuosity of the previous part. Then these decisions alternates and blends unite together.
Induce Terror (Bonus Track) completes the album in rapid dance and playful alternation of vocals styles, combining a sharp emotional growling with a deep guttural, just as juggling instrumental ideas in swift uncontrollable rhythm.