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Are you suffering? No - you thought!

June 06, 2016
Withered - Grief Relic

Withered - Grief Relic doesn't allow to forget the past - that's the key to the future!
Powerful, maliciously, deliberately trying to drive Leathery Rind to the heads of all around. Not all heads included? Again! All, at all, all of them, argh!
Evil takes - all crucify five times! A Realm Of Suffering try to do all the better way, there's no impossible paths!
Squeak! Withdraw go forth with its mighty beams to enslave all of us by its consequences! Powerful pace go unhurriedly to transmit its ideas!
Visco, viciously, soothes all Feeble Gasp to continue its pace to blow down all around! Maliciously, quickly, raggedly began Husk and continues, compulsively, varying slow and the average pace throw its axe forward to hit you as well!
Powerfully and quickly, just gain strength, starts Downward. So no shances to slow down - but the track very slowed, narration not husky so it try to take us in its pace! Oh, we'lll try to keep out of them! To the end of that track!
Strike ! Evil and powerful punch! That have to be Distort, Engulf! No calm, mighty blows go forward with its powerful burt's, rush'that down to keep the power uneasy!
Bass solo, mysterious preparations, quiet support for drums ... and then To Glimpse Godliness! Almost instrumental anger, try to impose their values to us as wel. So that the storiy end!