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Are you ready to travel again?

November 28, 2019
Visions Of Atlantis - Wanderers

By slowly developing musical motifs, the symphonic charm of the intro creates a languid expectation. Then the Release My Symphony music is riding with alarming influxes, the vocal part begins with the vocals of the singing lady, alternating in verses with male vocals and intertwining with him in a chorus dance. But the dubious accomplishments of future changes end with the enchanting romantic tunes of the singing lady and another chorus and vocals duet.
Celtic flute appeals to epic trends, continuing the Visions Of Atlantis - Wanderers album with attention to folk tunes. The Heroes of the Dawn vocal part begins with male vocals, then recedes in front of him and combines in a duet dance in a bridge and a chorus. So pensive Nothing Lasts Forever ballad with lyrical instructions addresses the listener about important things, intertwining the musings of male and female vocals on a musical path.
Then A Journey to Remember and A Life of Our Own songs are carried away by a restrained mid-tempo drive, riding on the verge of rapid high-speed passages, fascinating by the alternation of male and female vocals, sometimes combining them in charming duets. To the Universe already in the introduction shows the charm of the main motive, while maintaining a rather rapid driving sound, brings the vocal parts to the front edge of the musical narrative, braiding the axis of the main motive with them.
The saddened phrases of the singing lady along with the thoughtful muffled notes of the piano create the essence of the sound of the Into the Light ballad, then they are complemented by a symphonic orchestral background and a melodic guitar solo flies to the top of the musical image. But The Silent Scream again returns to the mid-tempo drive, introducing a certain variety into it with a mysterious chime of keyboard notes. After symphonic musical reflections of the introduction, The Siren & the Sailor breaks down in the swiftness of an unbridled drive, entwined with symphonic melodies. The introduction of vocals returns mid-tempo sound and builds a musical image from the dialogue of female and male vocals.
The title track Wanderers begins with acoustic tunes in the background, the solo piano and the monologue of female vocals. But starting with the dancing riff of the introduction, At the End of the World again returns to the alternation and combination of male and female vocals. Bring the Storm builds a musical image on a vocal combination, completing the musical essence of the conceptual album about wanderings and travels. And the final touch of the musical artwork is the rethinking of the famous In & Out of Love composition of the famous artist (Armin van Buuren) from a completely different musical genre with Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation) vocals.