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Are we sleeping? Or maybe not!

August 22, 2020
Discrepancies - The Awakening

The doctor's reflections set the direction for the development of the The Dream of Life further incoherent development of obscure displeasure, exploding in the Discrepancies - The Awakening album's title track with a whirlwind of guitar drive with echoes of symphonic keyboard omens and being carried away in a swift stream of drive with the introduction of vocals.
The keyboard intrigue anticipates the development of the Art of War main motive into unity with vocal transformations. Vocal recitative comes to the Raising the Bar fore. The Not Alone clean vocals carry away dreamy reflections with musical mystery. The Prevail vocal recitative infuses rap waves, intertwining with the melodic swirl of the ballad and vocal echoes of clean vocals. Wake Up continues the sounding of throwing vocal tunes with emotions. The Keep Hope Aliveexplosion of emotional experiences, combining the unity of transformations of clean vocals, captivates.
Whipping up the music drive, intro the Rock the Show will then wrap its waves with vocal experiences. The Digitus Medius reflections with notes of symphony end with violent recitative phrases. Accelerating at first in a gloomy drive, the Foresight in Hindsight then weaves the vocal recitative together with the musical narration. The emotions Make You Love Me of the vocals combine fierce recitative and bewitching tenderness. The acoustic chiming of the Not Alone (acoustic)Tstrings with roantian sadness anticipates the final composition of the album Get Hype, rolling in waves of drive with vocal recitative.