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Are there any radio stations in Hell? Did not have?!

May 27, 2020
Lordi - Killection

This Lordi - Killection release opens the gates to the activities of the Radio SCG 10 radio station, opening the gates to hidden fans of such diverse musical styles. The presenter calls for the unity of the horror of rock, so familiar to the long-running musical feeds, but giving it the power of the Horror for Hire vocals and variability of musical feeds. The cry of suffering is distorted by musical motives, following the march of the Shake the Baby Silent musical march combining hardrock and industrial trends of music. Instrumental Like a Bee to the Honey (feat. Michael Monroe) variations with the participation of the invited participant are fascinated by the influence of his vocals phrases. The saxophone of the invited participant brings an incredible originality to the sound of the song. Apollyon continues the album's narrative with inspired romanticism, crowning the musical image with keyboards laces.
The announcer of the Scg10 the Last Hour radio station again comes to the fore, voicing his appeals and communicating with callers. The mid-tempo procession of the Blow My Fuse pulsating musical procession intertwines the style of southern rock with blues notes. Electronic musical impulses of the I Dug a Hole in the Yard for You track are combined with vocal and musical appeals, weaving shades of shock rock with bewitching bursts of a musical symphony. Well, the Zombimbo brings you back into youth by bringing shades of music to forgotten legends. Bringing the power of a pulsating drive, Up to No Good crowns the musical procession with emotional cries of vocal phrases. Once again, the Scg10 Demonic Semitones presenter talks to listeners who are so outraged by the selection of the musical direction of the radio station. But the presenter insists on his choice, forcing, however, a fierce perception of a pampered 80s disco into the sound of the Cutterfly song. Fierce musical passages bring in unstoppable whirlwinds of drive, wrapping around the harsh vocal narrative with the majestic dusk of the Evil dark anthem. But the chorus starts up an acceleration of rhythm, partly returning to the echoes of the 80s. Bringing vocal phrases to the forefront, Scream Demon preserves the charm of 80s music, captivating listeners of the radio station in the expansion of consciousness. The host of the Scg10 I Am Here broadcast completes the broadcast and guarantees - see you later!