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Appeals to the depths of the soul can not pass without trace

December 09, 2019
Monoscream - Aeon

Starting the Monoscream - Aeon album with enchanting tunes of the Enter Chaos romantic bardic saga, the music captivates and gives an atmosphere of reflection. But the rhythmic drum roll precedes the introduction of Warzone song, rolling out the harsh canvas of the fighting anthem, at first exploding with vortices of a deadly dance at a rapid pace, in the final part rolling with harsh appeals of military prowess, combining screaming and growling in the vocal part.
The guitar solo of the We Are Legion intro mesmerizes with bewitching melody, retreating before the pressure of vocal phrases. But the final segment of the song explodes in a fierce stream of unbridled drive, completing the song with a single vocal phrase and a guitar solo. After reflections of the Cerberus Rise introduction, the music explodes in a fierce stream of uncontrollable drive, returning to an average pace in bridges and choruses. The For All Those Lost vocal part returns again and again to the mid-tempo march, but the musical variations of the bridges tend to step over the rhythmic fences.
The soft and romantic chime of the guitar strings rises upward, enveloped in the power of the guitar passages and inspired by the mesmerizing romantic essence of the Passing instrumental ballad. Preserving the romantic sacrament, complemented by echoes of oriental motifs Frozen Vains is transformed into a furious drive dance with the introduction of vocals. Discarded immediately explodes in a flood of uncontrollable rage, but before entering the vocal, it returns to a medium tempo and complements the musical passages with the artistic echoes of a guitar solo.
The thoughtful musical passages of the Descent Into Suicide introduction are transformed by an unstoppable drive preceding the introduction of vocals. But then the composition again and again progressively and artistically varies the rhythmic structure. Next the Draw the Line in Hell tosses a whirlwind of deadly dance, but the vocals once again confuse the musical whirlwinds in an artistic and meaningful dance. Once again, the power and fury of the Driven by Hate swift introduction is shattered on the ramparts of a mid-tempo march of vocal narration shrouded in enchanting trends of a guitar solo in the chorus. The guitar solo of the instrumental part captivates with romantic motives. Aftermath is continuing these motifs completes the album with the thoughtful mystery of an instrumental romantic ballad.