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Apathetic statics needs shock

June 13, 2019
Tesla - Shock

A whirlwind of rebellious motives and aspirations for freedom and free will of the You Won't Take Me Alive song begins the Tesla - Shock album, inspiring for changes. Taste Like continues the album with inspired inspirations, intriguing in a playful manner and casting joyful forebodings.
After adventure and entertainment, music envelops you in a romantic haze, embodying aspirations and expectations in the We Can Rule The World charming ballad - a slight sadness and symphonic accompaniment in the verses is followed by a proud chorus.
The title track Shock continues the musical artwork with a mid-temporal ripple, forcing a waiting wave in the verse and overhead, complementing the musical image with a bright flash of drive in the chorus.
Inspirational and solemnly the ballad Love Is A Fire continues the album with a magnificent anthem, somewhat reminiscent of church ritual chants. California Summer Song transforms the style, casting youth easiness and changing the vocal part in the direction of the recitative.
Returning the musical flow to the romantic channel, the ballad Forever Loving You continues the album, sparkling with inspiration and charming omens. Continuing the ballad style, the The Mission song in a verse reflects on the fate of the world thoughtfully, emphasizing and assuring the significance of his task in the refrain.
Rolling along the road, rolling waves of restrained drive the Tied To The Tracks song tells of wandering, adventures and discoveries made in incessant travels. The Afterlife main motif envelops with the charm of inspiration, twisted in a haze of romantic reflections. Wrapping in a whirlwind of demands and wishes, I Want Everything song is swept away by a swift stream of light musical sound. Rhythmically and thoughtfully pacing, a leisurely procession of the Comfort Zone composition brings to the album some blues tones. In the chorus, vocal inspires, and singing comrades demand change.