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Any light begets shadow

October 17, 2018
Subversion (COL) - Contracultura

The majestic, symphonic Intro begins the album with a leisurely gloomy symphony, complementing its final part with a thoughtful and melodic guitar solo. But Baile Rojo track breaks symphonic reflections, taking the sound to the usual for the genre drive, energy and rage. The vocals, joining in a verse, indulge in mid-tempo reflections, condensing the sound in the chorus and focusing on rhythmic phrases.
The title track continues Subversion (COL) - Contracultura album, concentrating on the features of the theme in the middle tempo. In the chorus, the composition quickly and melodically describes the phenomenon under discussion. The guitar solo in the instrumental part captivates attention, incredibly improving the impression of the composition and the whole album.
Introduction of the Humano composition develops the melodious desires of the instrumental part of the previous one, but the threshold of the couplet returns to its proper drive, pulsing at the border of the average and fast tempo. The vocal in the verse focuses on the recitative, setting the rules that are echoed by the congregation meeting.
Starting with a bewitching mysterious ballad, the Pacificacion Violenta intro envelops the mind with seductive romance. Then the wave drive raises a shaft of rabies, but the instrumental bridge anticipates the chorus returning the compositions to a mid-temperature march. But then again a wave of rapid rage. But the composition ends similarly with the beginning.
Casting aside diversity and variations Dias Crudos returns to the genre's canons - at a concert this song would have plunged the fans into the whirl of a furious slam. Pan Y Circo continues the same tendency, the main motive leads round dances around vocal phrases, drawing an impetuous dance into a whirlwind. Self-titled Subversion (instrumental) complements the album with artistic variations, juggling with a variety of vivid motifs, then retreating to the side to bring the romantic ballad to the foreground. The composition continues with a majestic and solemn anthem, supplemented by vocal reflections. The wave of rapid drive completes the composition.
The dense wave of the mid-tempo drive begins the last track of the album Falsa Familia, ending with a stream of fierce drive intertwined with vocal recitative. But in the chorus, the motifs of the intro come back, anticipating a bright and thoughtful instrumental solo.