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Any influence is prohibited

August 25, 2021
Eradicator - Influence Denied

The impudent atmosphere of the unrestrained drive of the Driven by Illusion intro's guitar solo then combines musical power with vocal rage. Variating the musical sound of the Eradicator - Influence Denied album with thoughtful intro, the Hate Preach song continues the musical narration all the same militant musical thriller. The Echo Chamber track is inserted by an anxiety and battleship atmosphere, but the vocal part acts as a non-conformable barrier for a terrifying disaster.
The title composition Influence Denied rushes into the racing of the unrestrained drive, incredibly speeding up the pace in the unrestrain of musical rage. The 5-0-1 entirely and completely captures the attention of the listener, roll over the musical cloth of the main motive in intro.
Then the Jackals to Chains and Mondays for Murder compositions are united in the swiftness of the musical drive, engaging music and vocals in the unrestrained sulfur of musical sound. Intro's guitars solo carries into the whirlwind of violent musical irregularity. But then the instrumental bridge is distracted by the sake of reflections, the transformation musical sound of the rhythm of the Hypocrite battle march, continuing this procession in a more measured pace of the Descent into Darkness song. After the intriguing artistry of musical variations, the Anthropocene completes the album, varying the tempo and vocal moods repeatedly.