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Any abyss surrenders to chosen heroes

November 08, 2019
Acheronian Scar - Gate Into the Abyss

Starting the Acheronian Scar - Gate Into the Abyss album with The Descent and Into the Abyss combination, first creates an atmosphere of trembling forebodings with a gloomy instrumental symphony, then continues the instrumental motives inherent in the essence of the previous composition, supplementing them with a vocal part, following the pulsating musical passages.
Preserving the symphonic essence, the Eternal Judgement music becomes deeper, tougher and more powerful, intertwining with the vocals in the symphonic dance of a leisurely mid-tempo song, putting melodicity at the forefront. This is especially worth noting in the instrumental part, in which the guitar solo seems to cast off the shackles of style and soar with an enchanting romantic haze along with symphonic keyboard passages. Developing the predefined set by the romantic ending of the previous composition, Past the Gate crowns them with the peak of sound, hardening its fundamental essence at the beginning, but in the instrumental part and the chorus, retreating to bewitching symphony.
Slowly and meaningfully marching in front of the gaze of the public, The Revelation is marching with a clear step, waving the banners of symphonic charm, supplementing them with certain waves of drive. Classical music brings some elements of a bewitching mystery, Denial vocals and guitar complement them with their charm. Preserving the echoes of the trends of classical music Darkness Prevails envelops the drive that has enriched them with echoes with shades of anxiety and terrifying forebodings.
Driving in waves of a combat march Blazing Flames marches with background dumb choruses, shackling vocal phrases in clearer armor of rhythm, sharing them with bewitching symphony and oriental tunes of clean vocals. Beginning with a soft minstrel romance, Righteous Punishment then completes the album with its characteristic unity of symphonic melodism and metal power.