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Anti gods also set dogma

March 18, 2019
Deadborn - Dogma Anti God

Fascinating guitar solo begins Veneration composition, suggesting a very meaningful and inspiring sounding of the Deadborn - Dogma Anti God album. Then the main theme of the song develops from this solo into such a diverse and impressive musical lace that there is no point in describing it too much - it’s obviously worth listening to!
The throbbing march explodes with a swift drive, but then the vocals bring in the true essence of the Sense of Delight composition, again and again emphasizing the title and rolling the canvas of the narration, enveloped in the whirlwinds of musical delights.
The vocal forces the twilight with Canine Devotion narration, the music breaks down into a swift drive in instrumental bridges, then the vocals connect to this swiftness.
The title track Dogma Anti God combines the vocal part and the musical passages enveloping it together, creating a fascinating and exciting musical canvas of the composition.
Epic echoes of ancient legends rises in the Abortive Interment majestic introduction, rolling in a pulsating legendary narrative, echoing echoes of legends and gloomy trends of prophecy.
A deliberate instrumental saga Zero Moment of Truth enchants with a leisurely guitar fingering riffs in the gloomy sacrament of obscure prophecies. Significantly and confidently, the mid-tempo march Your Symbol Burns rolls out the canvas of its narration with the scrolls of a significant chronicle, set forth by incredibly respected prophets. In the instrumental part, the guitar solo is fascinating with thoughtful melody.
Reincarnating into the fascinating passages of progressive dance Heretic Torment envelops in obscure artistry of musical laces, vocal phrases bring in the trends of harsh confidence. And again the guitar solos in the instrumental bridges and the instrumental part fascinates with inspired greatness.
Wrapping the atmosphere of ancient tales and epic legends, the Prayer in Exigence song completes the album by weaving an impressive combination of a fast drive of couplets and fascinating melody of instrumental inserts