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Answer for their deeds - will be rewarded

June 26, 2019
Salduie - Viros Veramos

Inspiration and majestically, the Salduie - Viros Veramos album's title introduction intertwines the solemn melodies of the invisible fairies and sorcerers with folklore influences. Sedeisken develops the folklore motif embedded in the introduction, then giving it severity and stiffness with the addition of vocals growling, but then the vocals is transformed into dreamy exclamations and interwoven with a severe growling.
The fascinating folk dance motif weaves a charming network of musical lace around vocal phrases of the Sertorio song, interlacing dreamy clean vocals with growling additions. Surrounded by a fast-moving procession of musical drive into the Bolskan intro, in verse it first lifts up an epic haze of vocal narration, enveloped in the sparkling charm of a majestic symphony. In instrumental bridges folklore passages brings in their shades.
Wrapping with fascinating ribbons of folklore narration El Encinar De Togotis envelops the listener with bright ribbons of instrumental narration. Chorals and the battle march develops Olindico into a wave of impetuous drive, carrying vocal phrases on the wings of instrumental narration to transcendental limits into the sparkling rays of the sun.
The sound of hooves precedes the sparkling lace of the instrumental solo of a wandering bard and flutist, then the Las Crines De Epona vocals interlaces in a clean and growling alternation with lady's voice addiction, carried away in a stream of impetuous drive in gloomy covers.
The chime of guitar strings around the evening campfire brings back memories of passed trials and past adventures. Then the Oestrimnios main motive uprises from the oblivion and is whirling away along with vocal phrases in a rapid stream of musical narration, uncontrollably carried away to fabulous limits to the chorus in which growling vocals enters.
Folklore motifs are taken to the future and interlaced in Viriato charming dance with futuristic influences, alternating vocal styles and musical stylistics. Weaving a fascinating intrigue in the R.T.N.P (Roma Traditoribus Non Praemiat) intro, then intertwines several musical styles and genres, intertwining dreamy melodies of clean vocals with brooding romance and harsh growling melodies with a harsh drive.
Fascinating with inspired melodies, then the music of the Kalakorikos composition reveals the main motive of the energy of the metal with enchanting ribbons of folk influence and brings the vocal primacy to the forefront.
Thoughtful ideas of the Diana, La Cierva Blanca introduction reflect on the further development of the composition, but weave Castilian motifs of the vocal narration with the northern trends of the musical covers. A soft and grand symphony La Ascension A Los El completes the album, inspiring descendants to the memories.