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Another reality provides true escape from burdening reality

May 16, 2018
Methhead - Escape From Reality

The majestic melody marches with epic slowness, starting Methhead - Escape From Reality album with a proud instrumental introduction Exhale, fascinating in front of a violent wave of drive, starting with a bewitching guitar Grave Of Brains intro, then combining emotional growling vocals phrases that are swiftly carried away in a verse and confidently thrusting their story in the choruses.
The Leading Hands begins a wave of drive, shimmering with sparkling guitar delights, complementing the raging flow of violent rage with turgid melodies. Merging together with the previous composition We Will Obey continues to sound like, whirling far away with the rage of angry uncontrolled tough stream of raw energy. In the choruses, music is compressed into a confident tight march, the vocals repeatedly emphasize the name of the composition. Continuing the impetuous drive, the Fatal Addiction music becomes stiffer and denser, enveloping its dark sound with dark ghosts, hiding the shades of vocal conjectures in the tunnel of violent riffs, adding to the scream-growl vocals deep phrases of severe growling from the darkness.
Returning to the heroic epic Warm Up enchants with an instrumental introduction, preparing for the summoning of energy, blowing as violent battle in the Paranoid Run verse, in which the vocals move the music of their party, returning to the impetuousness in the bridges. In the chorus, the vocals explode with a storm of emotions with a marvelous guitar solo on the background.
Dancing in a furious extravaganza of a deadly dance, vocal phrases whip with sparkling blades of their words with the support of dark and pensive musical tones. In the chorus the vocals again and again start the lines accentuating the Abyss Of Humanity composition's name, the mesmerizing guitar solo completes the chorus by combining the guitar parts in the enigmatic ornament of melodic delights.
The dark enchantments of the opening turn into a pulsating narrative enveloping the vocal part with a tunnel of melodic passages, bringing epic notes to the melodic structure of the Sleep Paralysis composition.
Twilight cautious motives pulsate in the waves of the My Will Be Done dark march, exploding with a rapid flow of drive along with the connection of the vocals, returning to the march in the chorus. The vocals raise the tonality, bending to the nervous screaming style. Alternating a fast drive with a mid-tempo celebration of prophets and fortune tellers, Prophet anticipates the title track Escape From Reality , which introduces the main motive of the wave of romanticism, pensively and carefully completing the album with an incredibly melodic composition reminiscent of the origins of the style and the origin of inspiration, returning to the past century.