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Another plan for the destruction of mankind

June 20, 2018
Sanctifier - Lone Wolf Syndicate

The evil sorcerer is confessing in Intro, so reveals the eerie plans for the destruction of humanity, starting the Sanctifier - Lone Wolf Syndicate album with daunting revelations. Enraged by vortices of guitar passages, the witch continues Damned Messiah dark musical fog, turning into a tense and stubborn advancement of vocal reflections through the dark fog of impenetrable enchantments. In the choruses and instrumental parts, the music blossoms dark paints, predicting the tightening of the severe drive of the next song's Heretic Among Us intro. But the vocal casts restraining fetters and is carried away in the impetuous race of violent drive, restraining the musical narrative in bridges and choruses.
Lone Wolf SyndicateA heavy gloomy fog binds the final part, but explodes with the final break, anticipating the entry of the title track with the fleeting uncontrollable flow of a musical extravaganza, woven with vocal phrases. But in the middle of the vocal reflections restrain the music with thoughtful phrases, again taking off in the final part race.
The Under Blackned Skies introduction envelops with the waves of dark romance, densely wrapping the vocal experiences with the covers of musical darkness, but the vocals speed up, returning to the viscous romanticism in bridges and chorus.
Unrestrained drive carries in the playful stream of the verse to clear chorus phrases, again and again accentuating the Shoggoths Lullaby song's title. But the instrumental bridge of the wails cries out to the furious flow of a frantic drive, pensively melting away in the spectacular melody of the romantic middle of the composition.
The epic melody of the Darklands of Taksaka main motive brings the atmosphere of ancient tales, unhurriedly untwisting the beginning of history, meaningfully telling unforgettable legends with confident vocal passages, enveloped in the musical canvas majestic melody. Kadath Hallucinations continues the influence of ancient tales, capturing and capturing attention with a charming melody, interrupting with a glorious march in instrumental bridges between verses.
The stern drive of the Blessed for Nemesis Divine intro captures the deadly round dance of dark flecks, shimmering with enchanting melodic shades. Then the composition alternates bright melodic kinks with painful wise thoughts, combining screaming and growling in the vocal part.
Vocals are carried away in a gloomy stream of Omnis Immundus Spiritus demonic revelations, enveloping their reflections in a dense mid-tempo march, from time to time carried away in rapid uncontrollable music streams, ending with meditative instrumental bridges Beginning as so viscous, stiff, fettering march, heavy and burdensome Evil Presence Spell winds up musical motifs with unhurried waves, rushing into the unrestrained jerk of the frantic drive of the final part. Mysterious chime of invisible bells with dense melodies of illusory fairies Outro completes the dark canvas of the album.