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Anomalous testimony of nervous disorder

October 14, 2021
Cenotaph (TUR) - Precognition To Eradicate

The sounds of mysterious musical intrigue anticipate the beginning of an incredibly brutal and fierce sound of the Cenotaph (TUR) - Precognition To Eradicate music album, beginning fierce destruction by a frantic sound of the Anti-Pathogenic Morbid Incubation song. The Progeny Of Embryonic Congenital Malformations composition slightly accelerates the musical pace and immediately complements the musical anger of vocal severity. Keeping the power of a frantic perturbation, the Anomalous Necrotic Breed complement the musical sound with a shade of symphonism.
The pumping shaft of fierce discontent Virus Induced Dehumanization song wraps the vocal anger of the vortex of guitar riffs. After the intriguing mystery of a viscous guitar suspension, the Recombinant Extraterrestrial New Form composition confidently and persistently marches along the path laid by the main motive. The Isolation Turned Into Cannibalism is immediately exploding with a frantic musical stream of vocals and music.
The title track Precognition To Eradicate frantically speeds up the pace, fiercely to an incredibly cruel musical thriller. But then the screaming of guitar passages for a while pacifies the swiftness of the musical pace. The Pandemic Bacterial Reverse Mutation somewhat pacifies its procession, creating an atmosphere of a solemn march of a terrible squad, sheepes the sound of a dark anthem. After a bright and impressive guitar solo, the Into The Septic Molecular New Form composition completes the sound in a similar to the previous track manner.