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Angry bestial dance

July 18, 2021
Phronexis - Pestiferous

Obstinately and furiously, the Tomb, Sweet Tomb composition rushes with a waves of unrestrained drive, complementing the final instrumental part with a funeral march and combining harsh and growling in the vocal part. The Head Transplant song continues the Phronexis - Pestiferous album with an artistic guitar solo of the step, then serving as the dominant element of the main motive. The vocal part continues this combination of vocal styles again. Accelerating the musical tempo, the Trephination track restrains the vocal impetuosity of the rebellious harsh with growling calls, wrapping around the vocals in a whirlwind of guitar riffs.
The artistic and impressive solo of the Mausoleum instrumental track acts as an introduction to the Wrongful Sentence composition, which begins with a continuation of the mid-tempo march, but then accelerates the tempo to a fast-paced race. Once again, the melodic and mesmerizing guitar solo of the Bestial Bliss intro takes you into the atmosphere of melodic dreams. But the intro of the vocals calls for a quickening of the tempo with persistent pressure and unrestrained rage.
The reflections of the Autopsy of Mankind guitars intro captivate with dreamy artistry, once again retreating before the union of vocal rage and musical unrestrainedness after the bass guitar solo. The vocals immediately burst into the foreground of the Prosopagnosia musical image, capturing the musical race along the indicated path. The Incessant Somniferous Visions ends the album with a romantic ballad that softens the impression of a fierce musical battle.