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Angels that will drink your blood

June 14, 2022
In Cold Blood - Legion Of Angels

Twilight speeches and an indecipherable probe are woven in the mysterious haze of the intro of the Dark Visions composition, then rhythmically and rigidly driving the step of his march before the angry proclamations of vocal phrases. The Wretched Souls song continues the musical narrative of the In Cold Blood - Legion Of Angels album, alternating vocal outrages with the brooding charm of the bright sadness of the guitar solos, then counting in a joint procession of wise significance.
Exploding with a frantic whirlwind of furious drive in the intro, the No More Lies song then retreats with musical anger before vocal reflections, but explodes again to repeat such alternations in sound again and again. The Slipping Into Senility gloomy anthem rolls with waves of brooding in the introduction, completing its guitar solo with notes of gothic atmosphere, preceding the twilight entry of vocals in a mysterious procession, then developing the notes of this musical style in the painful and gloomy sound of the Reaper composition.
The mesmerizing romantic charm of the In Trance instrumental artistry of the guitar solo acts as an introduction to the harsh perseverance of the persistent So Many Heavens rhythmic march, tightly and rigidly marching along the chosen musical direction of its sound.
Combining vocal indignation with the melodic charm of musical passages, the Omega ballad artistically weaves a fascinating unity of several musical styles and genres in a single compositional musical lace, anticipating the development of this fascinating unity in the sound of the Hell Hollow final composition of the album.