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Angels and demons are enveloping a mysterious dance

September 28, 2022
Rosa Nocturna - Angels And Beasts

The symphonic introduction rolls out the further canvas of the Lightbringer composition, alternating the emotional reflections of the singing lady and the waves of restrained musical drive, combining them in a single musical stream of the chorus, continuing the musical narrative of the Rosa Nocturna - Angels And Beasts album with the epic inspiration of the Pharmacist musical saga with an echo of folk motifs, medieval fairy tales and female vocals with shades of elfic opera, continuing such a musical style in the unhurried procession of the Falling minestrel ballad.
Sparkling waves of restrained drive set the tempo, rhythm and sound of the Desires In Mist main motif, which is then crowned by the alternation and unity of male and female vocals. The introduction of the Fear composition creates an intriguing atmosphere of twilight mystery, which is then complemented by the narrative of a vocals tale, again turning to the medieval and folkloric in the epic charm of the sound of the Once bard ballad, continuing in the development of more diverse and impatient tunes of the Skinchangers composition, complementing the male vocals with shades of harsh and growling vocals.
The rhythmic step of the Intruders battle march is complemented by the emotional charm of female vocals and the unity of vocals and musical passages on a single musical path, complementing the similar stylistic palette of the Letters To The Front solemn anthem, honoring the feats and praising the valor of the returned heroes. But in the sound of the Periculum composition, anxious expectations and echoes of mystical prophecies are manifested, acting as an instrumental introduction to the fascinating and enchanting sound of the Of Love, Of War, Of Blood final song of the album.