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And what will come to salvation?

June 28, 2020
Evertrapped - The Last Extinction

The mysterious romance ends with a whirlwind of drive that anticipates the introduction of fierce scream-growling vocals , but then in the Sorrow (Nothing More In Between) vocal part inspirational tunes of clean vocals sometimes appear, ending with the romantic melody of a musical symphony. Shots and cries of the victim end with a drum roll, tapping like a machine gun, after which Truth Behind Disorder continues the Evertrapped - The Last Extinction album's musical narrative with a whirlwind of drive, combining screaming, growling and clean vocals in the vocal part, which is part of the tophonic charm.
Walking through a bewitching procession of an epic march with growling, the Across The Disease dramatically accelerates the pace with the transformation of vocals into screaming. Continuing the epic procession, the Titan saga gives the musical alternation an even more variable rhythm and crowns with the charm of majestic melody. The sound of The First Machine composition brings progressive musical solutions to the album, embodied in the impressive artistry of guitar solos.
The title composition The Last Extinction immediately brings the vocal narrative to the forefront of the musical image, further complicating the progressive essence of the rhythmic structure and using the harsh in the vocal part. The piano solo sets the atmosphere of mystical mystery, then the incredible melody of the guitar solos of instrumental parts and background accompaniment creates an epic atmosphere of the Illusion song.
Twisting hit intro lace with mesmerizing variations of guitar solo Stillborn Era then alternates between a fast drive with elements of reflection and melodic charm. The Learning To Kill completes the album, captivating with melody and artistically alternating vocal styles and inspiring the sound of guitar solos of instrumental fragments.